Craig did an amazing job...to help me find clarity on my goals, methods, and next steps.

Chris T

Fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. We learned a lot...

Nichole D

Amazing help for me...gave me the much needed advice on what I need to be focusing on to launch my business...he reassured me where I need to spend my time to get the most out of my business in the long term.

Nancy S

Awesome! Craig is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.

Shelby S

Craig gave me some useful ideas about developing my project and showed the main priority to concentrate on.

Evgeny K

Simply Wow! Not only a wondeful person, but also incredibly helpful. Thanks again!

Vito M

Craig Zingerline

Lead Instructor

I’m Craig, and am a 6 time founder & have advised or consulted for close to 100 others. I believe every person who commits to my curriculum will have an immediate impact on their company.

I've worked with some of the fastest growing startups around - from VC backed to bootstrapped companies across the globe. Through these experiences as well as my earlier career focus on product strategy, I've built a comprehensive growth playbook from the ground up. 

I built Growth Minded to help other professionals learn the growth strategies and tactics needed to scale their companies and to create a structured and organized way for people to get started with growth.

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