Video: Intro to Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools


You'll see that I'm logged into one of my properties. This is for my SaaS platform Votion dot co.   The page that you're looking at here shows a few things mostly your performance of the website and how it's doing in organic web searches. And so what this initial report is showing is the number of web search clicks over the last few months. You'll also look at coverage. So how many pages have errors how many pages are valid and crawled by the the Google crawler and the tool also gives you some enhancements down here that you can look at in kind of Explore. Where I'm  mostly going to focus though is in the performance section here and I've got this filter to look at the last 3 months for web searches. So you have a couple different toggles so you can search for web image or video and you can even run the comparisons that's a    little bit more advanced so I'm going to     skip that for now.   What I want to look at actually at the last 28 days worth of data for my domain and I want to see kind of what's happening from a performance standpoint. So there's a few ways to slice and dice this data.   Here I'm seeing that over the last 28 days I had 676 clicks off of 10000 or a little bit more than ten thousand Impressions with a click-through rate of 6.7% on average and an  average position -  So that's how the keyword was actually ranked and where the user saw  in the search engine results around 31 so I can toggle these on or off.   So I generally keep on the total clicks and the total Impressions. What's really really cool though about this tool is this next set of tabs down here so I can see the actual search queries that people searched for and what they clicked on I can look at the clicks  and The Impressions and now I can start to get a sense of what people are actually searching for and what they're actually clicking on so I can do a sort here by the top keywords and Impressions that I'm getting from those keywords. You can see because our platform deals with a lot of March Madness and brackets and kind of content marketing you'll see those are highest Search terms.

If I sort by clicks, it's going to actually show that oh turns out our company name gets searched a lot and that's how people are finding us. So what's really cool about this as you can actually download this data and  if you click this export up here, you can download this to excel. I've already got this open actually so I can show you what this export looks like. So on the left hand side here, you've got your query. So these are the actual Search terms. The next column is clicks,   Impressions give you a click through rate and the position in ranking - so  what's neat here is that this is again the last 28 days of data for my site. You can start to get a real sense of what people are actually searching for and how they're actually finding us.   Now in another lesson in the future what I'm going to walk through is how you actually can take this and build some keywords for Performance Marketing and basically what it comes down to is selecting all these keywords and then putting them into Keyword Planner. So that's kind of the gist of search console with in Google webmaster tools.

There's some other really neat features in here including URL inspection, which you can basically paste in different URLs from your site to see how they perform,   you can look at coverage and coverage issues. It looks like I've got some errors here. So let's see what this actually is - 51 errors that look like a soft 404. So let's dive in a little bit here and it'll give you links out to these actual pages. So this one I got an error on so let's see what   this looks like.   Yeah, so this is getting crawled which really is not relevant to be crawled. So what I'll do is I'll actually take these coverage issues then I'll go over into WordPress and I'll   create 301 redirects for these different URLs that I want to actually redirect to real pages on this site. Another thing to look at is your site map. So we're running our votion public site and our blog on WordPress and you can see that the system is actually crawling, you know, almost daily at this point with a successful status and I've got close to 500 URLs that are actually discovered.  So anyways

I'd urge you to play around with this. Most of value, I think you're going to get from this performance tab, but there are some other features in here that you might want to look at. So thanks so much for tuning in.

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