Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide

This is comprehensive course with a lot of content. Here are some program highlights.

Learn why growth is critical

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If you'd like to dive right in, here are a few theme starting points:


There are currently 8 modules in the program. You do not have to take these in order. Each module can be run as a standalone component.

Module 1: Foundations of Growth

Learn the fundamentals of growth and learn how to incorporate growth at your company the right way. We’ll start with defining what growth does and where it sits in the organization, and will show you how to make sure you have the right foundation on which to grow. This module includes digging into attribution and event tracking, data, and analysis and includes a review of the tools you’ll need to ensure success.

Module 2: Building your growth framework

In this module we will build the growth framework that you’ll use to drive your growth strategy, build your growth model on top of, and use as your go-to resource for tests and reporting. We’ll look at how to measure your product performance, including conversion rates. We’ll cover how to spot issues early, and we’ll look at how to build a model to help predict future growth.

Module 3: Organic levers: referrals, SEO, content marketing

Organic channels can be immensely powerful for your company regardless of stage, amount of capital raised, or revenue. We’ll look at the levers you can pull to drive more organic traffic, what it takes from a time and team standpoint, and how to determine which areas to focus on first. 

Module 4: Paid Acquisition

Learn when and how paid acquisition should fit into your overall growth strategy. We’ll look at the options available to you across the wide market of paid channels, and will explore how to maximize your ROI regardless of your budget. You’ll come out of this module with a set of tools you can use across all paid channels. 

Module 5: Activation & Driving Intent

How are you driving your users to take the intended action you want them to take? How are you driving engagement for your audience? We’ll look at all aspects of activation, including onboarding, drip campaigns, and conversion optimization and outline key steps to drive a higher user to activation ratio.

Module 6: Retention - the pillar of growth

Learn why retention is the single biggest driver of success no matter what type of company you are. In this module we go deep into retention modeling, cohort analysis, and the different stages of retained and lapsed users. You’ll come out of this module with the tools and tactics needed to track and measure retention, and the strategy to drive your decision making process.

Module 7: Experimentation & Testing

Building on the test framework we reviewed in Module 2, in this module we’ll dig into experimentation and how to leverage hypothesis driven tests to maximize growth at each step of your customer lifecycle. We’ll look at how to build tests properly, we’ll walk through how to prioritize growth tests, and we’ll dig into measurement and iterations.

Module 8: Roadmapping growth

As you start to have some success with growth on your own, you’ll likely want to get some other folks in your organization involved and helping out. It might be that you need some engineering help, or you’re ready to get other departments helping ideate tests. We’ll look at some fun and effective ways to build a growth based company, how to get your tests approved by management, and how to get your successful tests that require engineering help to get on the product roadmap to ensure you’ve got the tools and resources you need to move forward.