Pirate Metrics & the Customer Journey

Customer/User Journey

Traditionally, the typical product company has a linear user journey:

  1. Marketing is responsible for getting people to the product.
  2. Product & Engineering are responsible for activating the users to use the product.
  3. Customer Success is responsible to ensure customers are happy and productive

A growth team will at a minimum look at unlocking more value for the customer with the product, and likely may also play key roles in marketing and customer success to ensure that the right types of users are being acquired, that those users get value from the product, and that they are kept happy and retained once they are onboard. 

Pirate metrics and the customer journey

A common way to look at these metrics is to use the Pirate Metric nomenclature:

Awareness & Acquisition – getting people to your site/app/experience

Activation – getting people to take some action you want them to take

Revenue – getting people to spend money with you (or, time, if that’s your currency)

Referral – getting people to tell others about you

Retention – getting people to come back again and again to experience your product value

The growth lead or growth team at your company will likely own all or part of the pirate metric funnel, as seen below:

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