Mastering Growth Overview


The Mastering Growth Series teaches professionals how to become a growth expert through a 6 week program. Start with the basics of growth, and work up to detailed growth models, data driven experiments, and strategies and tactics for acquisition, activation, retention and much more. Built for professionals in marketing, growth, product, UX and engineering roles this course will teach you the strategies and tactics you need to propel your company forward.

Along the way you’ll learn from seasoned practitioners and get a real-world glimpse into how high growth companies operate. 

What this is

✔︎  A comprehensive overview of how to learn and apply  growth strategies for your product & company

✔︎  A set of frameworks and tools that you can leverage along your career path

✔︎  A way for growth leads, marketers, product managers, other team members, and executives to share in a common and clear vision for growth across your company

What this is NOT

✘ A bunch of “growth hacks” that will change your company overnight

✘  A quick fix solution for all of your growth challenges

✘  A one-time effort - you need to apply this framework over time

Who is this for?

The Mastering Growth Series program is focused on helping you move up the learning curve for Growth initiatives. During this series you'll gain valuable insights on all aspects of growth. There is written as well as video based content, and we include case studies and interviews with growth leaders from across the industry in every module.

In your time outside of class you'll be ready to run tests, validate hypothesis, and execute on real problems within your company based on material you are getting every session. 

Our typical participant roles include product managers, marketers, data analysts, data scientists, engineers, and execs. 

Learning Material

When you join the Mastering Growth Series, you’ll receive written and video based instruction that covers each of our modules. While we recommend that you take the modules in order, they have been build independent of each other so you can parallel track your learnings, have a teammate focus on one module while you focus on another, or skip around as you need based on your companies current pain points.

Projects & Action Items

Growth doesn't happen in a vacuum - you need to do the work to make it work. As such, we've build each module with a module project that includes a set of action items for you to use on your own company. This will ensure that you are using the material from day one. 

Relevant, real-world examples

Everything we teach is based on being able to take the concept and apply it’s methodology to your current company and problem set. Examples are based on existing real world scenarios from recent and current companies. 

  • How do you start moving on growth if you are at a 2 person startup? How about at a 100 person VC backed company?
  • How do companies like Peloton and TripActions handle customer acquisition?
  • What does AirBnB do to stay top of mind for hosts?
  • How does onboarding differ based on your product usage type?
  • How do you build out your growth team? Who do you leverage within your company?

We have answers to these types of questions - and many, many more - as part of our course. 

Actionable steps for each week

Learning growth comes from both strategy and execution. In each module we’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need to move up the learning curve - by having you do the work you need to learn along the way. We’ll give the mic over to growth experts who will share their stories with you so you can get multiple different viewpoints on how companies address growth.

Growth Minded community

We believe that growth is best achieved when a strong foundation exists, and you have a support network built in. With Growth Minded, you won’t be alone in your journey. You'll have an opportunity to network with other growth experts, Growth Minded community members, other founders, and mentors within our slack group and private community. 

Total commitment

It varies, but we generally recommend setting aside at least 4-8 hours per week for 6 weeks. But you can move faster or slower on demand.

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